Rosewood TV Series Review

One of the biggest attractions about the new FOX TV show, Rosewood, is Morris Chestnut, who will be starring on the series. You probably recognized the name from one of this year’s hottest movies: The Perfect Guy. Chestnut has had more fame than that, however, and his fans likely know that he has also been in Boyz N The Hood and The Best Man. For those who like Chestnut Rosewood is a new opportunity to watch even more of him on the screen.

Morris Chestnut as 'Dr Beaumont Rosewood, Jr'
Morris Chestnut as ‘Dr Beaumont Rosewood, Jr’

Chestnut will be playing the role of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, after who the show is named. He is the central character and hero of the story, a charming, optimistic, arrogant pathologist. With only a few more years left to live Dr. Rosewood decides to make something bigger out of his life by helping to bring closure to those who have lost loved ones due to unresolved circumstances. Because Rosewood doesn’t have long to live he has the ability to recognize the little details in life, and that includes the important clues which lead to solved mysteries.

Jaina Lee Ortiz as 'Det. Annalise Villa'
Jaina Lee Ortiz as ‘Det. Annalise Villa’

The pilot starts things off in Miami as Rosewood uses his charm to get a closer look at a crime scene. He determines that the crime scene is not a murder as it would appear, but rather a suicide by someone who was suffering from cancer. Rosewood follows Dr. Rosewood (Rosie) and his friends and colleagues, which are, in some cases, one and the same. His sister and her fiancé both work with Rosewood. Pippy is in charge of toxicology and her fiancé Tara is a DNA specialist. The series also includes Rosewood’s mother, Donna, whose life has a definite impact on her children. Detective Annalise Villa acts as Rosewood’s partner.

Rosewood faces his dad at the court house
Rosewood faces his dad at the court house

There are a lot of detective shows out there, which makes all of the newcomers struggle to stand out from the rest. The same is still somewhat true of Rosewood. The biggest hook that Rosewood has is the leading actor Morris Chestnut, which will hopefully be enough to carry the series through over the next couple of years. The first season plodded along with some difficulty. The good news is that Rosewooddoesn’t have any big reasons for people to outwardly hate the series, even if not everyone finds a good reason to fall in love with it.

Rosewood show victim

At this point things don’t look so hot for the show. On Rotten Tomatoes the audience gave the series a rating of 50% and a critics rating of only 7%–and that is pretty terrible. IMDB has given it a somewhat better rating of 5.9/10 stars. Why do people seem to be so down on Rosewood? The biggest reason is that, as mentioned before, the series doesn’t bring very much to the table that we haven’t already seen before. People call it cliché, predictable, shallow, and they say the writing is poor. If you like police shows and you don’t get tired of them, or you just plain like Morris Chestnut, you might still like Rosewood—it just depends on who you are. You can keep up to date with all the episodes with a subscription to one of the Charter Spectrum Cable TV Packages you’ll find at